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AtlanticBH -International Consultants Lda.
is a boutique consulting firm specialized to support any company or individual wishing to start or expand operations in Portugal and in Europe.

Better to Earth

We work for a better planet.
Because we care about Earth, we believe that applications of Porous Alpha are the best and most cost-effective means to improve its water usage, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Innovative and accurate solutions in predictive maintenance.
Online remote monitoring of electric machines


IZIRepair is a car maintenance platform, which offers membership plans for users that desire peace of mind when their car needs some kind of service.


VR brain training games designed to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges.


Instituição de pagamento 100% nacional, especializada no apoio a pagamentos realizados pela Internet. A solução ideal para situações de e-commerce empresarial.


There are no excuses to think and act globally
UNITED CHANNELS Consulting was created to help Vendors to achieve success and to expand their business in to International territories (EMEA region).
United Channels approach is the most cost-effective way of developing a market to International companies.


Startup & SME Consulting + Digital Transformation


A Meduse consiste numa plataforma para o consumidor que cria viagens à medida tendo em conta a personalidade. O nosso sistema de híper-recomendação personalizada gera um planeamento inteligente de viagem. Também disponibilizamos uma plataforma de gestão de dados para as entidades parceiras.

Belalgarve Consultants | Tourism & Real Estate

Tourism and Real Estate! Invest in property under the sun of Portugal, Cape Verde or Cyprus. Maximise your revenue though our Property Management services. Operate your travel firm with our sustainable Destination Management

Fucking Amazing

For us, marketing and communication have no taboos, or we would never be Fucking Amazing! Digital is our expertise and that’s why we look forward to surf on the trends crest. We convert your business goals into online and offline marketing strategies, in a personalized manner and in accordance to your needs.

93bits Studio

93bits Studio is a software development company focused on Videogame Development, Mobile Applications and Interactive Solutions.

Nome da StartUp

Um pequeno texto sobre a sua empresa que será visível ao passar o rato na imagem da sua empresa.


Datadev is a network of experts freelancers in Artificial Intelligence, BI & Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science, Data Security, Data Visualization, IoT, Machine Learning and Robotics.


A IN.Collective é uma comunidade online de partilha de conhecimento, constituída por todo o tipo de profissionais. Trabalhadores independentes, freelancers, pequenos empresários ou especialistas. Em comum? Partilhar conhecimento, promover partilhas e desenvolver o crescimento de todos, por um preço simbólico e acessível.


User friendly interactive platform with a powerful social and touristic skills that is easy and fun to use where you can book and buy tickets.

Mustbe Cowork

Mustbe Cowork goes far beyond a typical workspace. It connects people from different areas in a laid-back and collaborative environment, while also providing a complete and active network for business development.
We are a community of entrepreneurs, nomads, communicators, business-owners, investors, freelancers and artists.

Rooting Tech

A Rooting Tech é uma startup com o objectivo de oferecer ao sector florestal tecnologias para auxiliar a manutenção das florestas, de modo a contribuir para o futuro sustentável das mesmas.

Shimejito Urban Farms

Agricultura como serviço, educação em agricultura sustentável, nós vendemos e gerimos farms locais de cogumelos em apenas 70m2.

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