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move to Fundão

We look forward to welcoming you to Fundão and invite you to discover a land full of opportunities.

jornal do fundao - July 2, 2019

Consortium of the "IoTXchange"

The Municipality of Fundão (Portugal) will lead the consortium of the "IoTXchange", a European project in the technological area that includes six municipalities in several countries.

"The 'IoTXchange' project encourages the creation of a network of European cities committed to the design of scanning plans based on Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions with the aim of improving the quality of life in small and medium-sized cities in the Union European Union ".

In addition to Fundão, the municipalities of Razlog (Bulgaria), Dodoni (Greece), Nevers (France), Jelgava (Latvia), Ånge (Sweden) and Keimarok (Slovakia) are members of this consortium; as well as the region of Germany Upper Saxony and the Finnish university Åbo Akademi.

July 8, 2019

Scientific Merit Prize

Paulo Fernandes and Município do Fundão awarded the Scientific Merit Prize as a result of the innovative and bold strategy of attracting investment, employment and training with a focus on digital skills!

City of Fundão

Nowadays, Fundão has a set of infrastructures to support the ecosystem for startups, business services and technology-based companies, such as a Business Centre, an Incubator and Accelerator, a FabLab, an Advanced Training Centre, a Centre for Verification, Validation and Certification of Software, a Biotech Plant Lab and a range of multiple services available to investors.

Investors can also benefit from the conditions established between the Municipality and Cova da Beira’s Living Lab partners that includes universities, technology companies, banks, government agencies, associations of open source and outsourcing, networks of Living Labs and Fab Labs, and various companies from creative industries.

We believe Fundão has a lot to offer: the 4 real seasons which means the landscape changes dramatically throughout the year; the charm of a rural region whilst enjoying urban connectivity; the natural beauty: nestled on the slopes of the Serra da Gardunha and facing the Serra da Estrela, Fundão offers some of Portugal’s most unspoilt and stunning mountain landscapes; and a lifestyle that is more in touch with nature.

In Fundão you will find: Office spaces with furniture, optical fiber connection, security 24/7 and private parking for a monthly rent of 1€ per square meter; Priority access to Fundão’s Advanced Training Centre; Code Academy; Tax breaks; Low cost housing solutions; Incentives for recruiting HR; Lifestyle; ...