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Talent, Innovation, Entrepreneurship


In the development of ideas, people, places and regions.

Making bridges, not walls.

In the free world you can still find a country to live, invest and build your future.
In 2016 the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship Startup Portugal was launched by the Portuguese Government with 3 objectives: to create and support the national ecosystem, to attract national and foreign investors and to accelerate the growth of Portuguese startups in foreign markets.

Portugal is a booming ecosystem with an ever growing number of innovative startups, business angels and investors.
Portugal has been thriving in the World’s Entrepreneurial scene.

StartUp Visa

Are you an entrepreneur who intends to develop your startup in Portugal, even though you might not have started your business yet?
Have you already launched a startup in your country but want to set it up in Portugal?
Are you from outside the European Economic Area & Switzerland?

— If so, you’re eligible to apply for the Startup Visa

StartUp Voucher

Support for the development of projects in the idea phase.
It provides for the assignment of several technical and financial tools for the creation of new innovative companies by entrepreneurs from 18 to 35 years.
New: New call for applications open from 9 July onwards for 400 applicants. For the first time, it is open to projects in the Lisbon region. There will be 2 notices per year.


Creation of a visa for technological and innovative companies, aimed at the global market, wishing to attract highly qualified staff from countries not included in the Schengen area.
The analysis of the eligibility and merit of the candidate companies is the responsibility of IAPMEI.
Tech Visa invites the interview candidates at the Portuguese Embassies / Consulates in the respective country of origin to obtain the residence visa.

and much more ...

What can we do for you?

Especially for any process or operating area of a Shared Services.
If you are looking for someone who make a difference in your organization (Middle and Top Management). I can help you finding the right person to work with you!

With 43 years of professional career achieved on May 2016 (30 years in Management Positions) - including 22 years in IT, 8 years in industrial maintenance, 7 years working in aircraft industry, and since 2007 to 2016 in Shared Services & BPO;
and an international network of about 100,000 professionals.
At your disposal.

Imagine living in a country where you can find a huge diversity of landscapes and environments in a small area: sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, golden plains and mountains, vibrant and cosmopolitan cities and a millennial heritage.

We work with incubators that have a set of infrastructures and services to support the startup ecosystem, but are also located in regions with investment incentives, ensuring the means for further growth.
Cities or regions offer additional supports / incentives, so it is important to choose the city or region that best fits your goals and expectations.
Move to Fundão

HubsLisbon Azambuja

Flores Island - Azores

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Important experience in Shared Services, in all phases: project / design, setup and later in operation at Solvay 3S Solvay Shared Services Center in Portugal (Carnaxide- Lisbon) and Brazil (Curitiba):
✪ Building selection (Facilities).
✪ Space conception and implementation (Facilities and IT).
✪ Local IT infrastructure solution.
✪ Design and implementation, supporting Business Continuity.
✪ Disaster Recovery Plan for all 3S Operations.

✪ As Technical & Operations Manager, I had under my responsibility the IT Infrastructure, Security & Risk Management, Contact Center, Data Control, Procurement, Fleet and Facility Management.
✪ As ROPM - Regional Operational Process Manager for EMEA, With the responsibility of Front Office in Europe, for the End to End process Provisioning to Pay (Provisioning, Accounts Payable, Travel & Expenses, Raw Material, Capex, Master Data).

can I help you

An idea in the design phase to mobilize a small team to create:

AtlanticBH - Business Consultants Lda.
That will be a boutique consulting firm specialised to support any company (or individual) wishing to start or expand operations in Portugal / Europe.
Or through our worldwide business network we can help you find new markets for your products and services.

✪ Grants & Incentivess
✪ Real Estate
✪ Live, Invest, Work or Study (Visas and Residence Permits)
✪ Tax, Accounting & Talent Management
✪ Administrative support
✪ Export your products or services
✪ ...

For now, in the phase to search for shareholders to lead the project, and the future company.

Located between Europe and North America, Large Exclusive Economic Zone (≈ 1 000 000 Km2), Plenty of Water and Marine Resources.
The Most Competitive Investment Incentives System of the E.U.

We sincerely will work to transform your contact in what you are looking for.

Many thanks for your visit.

Portugal is the ideal country to setup your new business, to work, study, for your second home or a place to retire.
The place where you settle your life, your operation, in Portugal may have significant impact on you, on your business.
Tax, incentives, costs, quality of life are related with your choice.
We can help you on this choice.

History and cultural heritage everywhere.
Culture, tradition and monuments, many recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage.
Natural beauty, sunny and peaceful cities and villages, where you're welcomed by friendly people.

What can we do for you?